Thursday, September 13, 2007

2. I did this one out of order, because at the time I didn't have headphones to listen to the tutorial. I didn't realize at the time that you could read along but I'm glad I waited since I enjoyed listening to it. I found that the easiest for me would be Habit 1 to begin with an end in mind. And that end would be to organize my pictures on Flickr. The hardest would be Habit 4 Having confidence in myself as a competent and effective learner. It's going to be a challenge to organize my photos the way I would like using this new tool. My first thought is that I probably won't be able to figure it out. But I am going to try and if I get stuck I will use the mentor Habit and ask for help.

Monday, September 10, 2007

21. I found a site I really liked, but could not subscribe to it because I don't have the capability on my machine to get a podcast. My site was called Dogcast radio! And since I want a dog it would be a neat podcast to listen to. I may try to do it at home on my laptop to see how this works. But at least I seached and read on the podcasts. It is amazing what you can do with these sites and casts and things.
23. Well...... my thoughts are still a work in progress working toward a conclusion. I think I would really enjoy working on a lot of the exercises I did. The big problem that I had is 1. I am not very computer savvy. I can find my way around some, but there really wasn't a lot of good direction and you say to ask for help. Well, when I only had an hour off desk to work on it and needed help no one was available at that time. An hour at a time just isn't enough. I did a lot of it on my own time from home. 2. The timing of Summer REading at ABG was not a good idea at all. We are just swamped here during that time and frustrated already. It did not make for an enjoyable fun and learning time. You really need to spend some time playing and trying things. I did enjoy quite a few and hope to do more on my own time. I spend too much time at home playing Solitaire and I am going to try to get into this techno stuff a little more. It's really not my thing--I'm just plain down home----using my computer for e-mail, shopping, photos and such. I really don't use it to its full potential. Maybe this 23 Things will get me doing more. I just keep so busy with my grandchildren, who are my life, my knitting, my reading and just enjoying my whole family and home that I don't spend a lot of time "computing"!!! I do think that it was a good learning experience if not just to know what's out there. And if we come away with even one thing that we learned it was worth it. I did complain a lot, but I did enjoy it. I think my biggest problem was with time. I do enjoy the blogging and I'm gonna do one on just personal stuff and send the address to my family and friends out of town. It should be fun creating that. So, I will pursue some of the things I learned and thank you for teaching me.
.17 I added a note to a Sandbox wiki on county line dancing. There were so many topics to choose from and it was fun looking at all the entries. I don;t know who the line dancing wiki belonged to, but I wrote an entry. I think I could have fun with this one and some day when I have some time, I'd like to try to add one of my own.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

22. Could not get into Overdrive or Netlibrary. Searched Project Gutenberg for an audio book and there wasn't a lot of "nowadays" titles to choose from. I finally went into Bookshelf and then to Crime Bookshelf and found Edgar Allan Poe's "Mystery of Marie Roget" and this would be a good one for me to download. I was surprised that this is a free site and that you could donate and help by using PayPal. Actually made me want to give a few dollars to help them with the great service they offer!
20. I really did not want to get into UTube because I knew I would get hooked and I really don't want to be a computer junkie. This site is fun! I chose this particular one because it shows my Ravens and the Eagles (who are my second team) in the same video. And I am a sports junkie.
I think libraries could use the various categories patrons might browse such as Communities to put a short video on about a previous or upcoming program